Reliable and Affordable Private Investigators in Nairobi, Kenya

With Over 15 years Proven Track Record of Professional Private Investigation Services in Kenya: Forensic Investigations, Due Diligence Investigations, Workers Compensation, Insurance Fraud Detection, Corporate Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Civil, and Criminal Cases.

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Over 15 Years of Investigations; 96% Positive Result Rate

While 96% makes it seem like there is room for improvement, the gap is actually something we pride ourselves on. Truth be told, the remaining selection of cases we believe would benefit more by going a route that doesn’t include investigations. This means that we evaluate every case extensively, and give honest, valuable feedback about the worthiness of conducting an investigation. You get the truth from the very beginning.
Here’s a brief breakdown of what your investigations experience will entail:

  • Responses to phone calls and emails within minutes versus days/hours
  • Less being talked at, more being listened to
  • Often communications that keep you up to date and free from unexpected surprises
  • Direct communication with the private Investigator upon easy request
  • Accurate, usable information, including video footage
  • Support and strategy to effectively utilize the final results
  • Complete transparency from our team, every step of the way.

Our field agents are located in The Eastern Africa region and are available to serve you at your comfort.