Litigation Support



Asset Search Services

Ø In Kenya,mapping out the assets and financials of individuals and organizations that you intend to go in a lawsuit with or a partnership is very crucial if success is your goal. We are here to ensure our clients get the very best standards that there is to be offered on a worldwide scale.


Background Check.

Ø  Many employers recruit based on interview performance. Later on you realize that the performance of your employee during the interview was stage managed and the individual is totally incompetent. Engaging us ensures your firm is future proof and we dig in to affirm for you the individual’s qualifications and life in general…



Criminal Investigations.

Ø  Technology has brought lots of change on how the modus operandi of criminals is. We are here to ensure that no criminal reported to us will ever get away… Our qualified team explores all options and solves cases in a scientific manner that is admissible in court