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Legal Case Support - Build strong legal cases by tracing evidence, paper trails and witnesses.

 Kenya's Experts in Litigation Support

Litigation is rarely straightforward, and no matter what your situation, a successful trial can only come from professional support gathering irrefutable evidence and building your case.
Our experienced litigation support team regularly work alongside law firms packaging witness finding, evidence gathering and other essential materials for both litigation and criminal defense procedures. A wide range of litigation clients across Kenya and the rest of Eastern Africa Our clients range from small businesses defending personal accident claims to large corporations acting on fraudulent activities or breach of contract.
Almost every case we handle ties together a multitude of our services and expertise, to build a detailed and comprehensive solution to your litigation requirements. Our investigators offer a wide base of skills and experience, with a core team of consultants dedicated to legal case requirements. Their understanding of evidence gathering, and the application of evidence and private investigation techniques in gathering it, effective and highly personalized litigation support service.

We exceed expectations to deliver the information your lawyers need alongside recommended strategies for its application and ongoing support.

Our range of services for lawyer and litigation support includes;
  • Tracing Witnesses
  • Locating debtors and fraudsters
  • Due diligence pre-litigation
  • Surveillance and observation
  • Injury and accident investigations
  • Criminal defense investigation
  • Financial investigation and asset tracing
  • General litigation and legal support