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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Investigating both domestic and commercial inquiries…

To prove that a fraudulent claim has been submitted, some hard evidence of lies, or deception must be available.

It is not sufficient to reject a claim just because it appears to be suspicious, or conversely it is costly and inappropriate to pay for a claim that is dishonest or fraudulent. Hard evidence will be given and our Private Investigators who were involved in the insurance claim investigations will also be available as witnesses if required.

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It’s unfortunate that false insurance claims are continuing to show growth. Why not conduct a background check on the individual which will be able to let you know of a broad range of details behind the scenes. The ever increasing problem of Insurance Fraud Insurance claim fraud is an ever increasing problem being faced by insurance companies, with an estimated 34 percent of Kenyan adults who have submitted a fraudulent insurance claim at one time, false insurance claims are costing companies more than Ksh.18 million a Week.

Fraudulent and otherwise dishonest claims are an ever increasing problem for insurance companies. Although it is often quite clear that a fraudulent insurance claim has been presented, many are difficult to assess, and further evidence is generally needed before the insurance company is able to refuse a payout.

Insurance claim fraud investigators