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It is often the ‘not knowing’ that is the worst aspect of cheating in a relationship.
At LY Detective Agency, our cheating partner and infidelity investigations can remove the doubts and either set your mind at ease or provide you with irrefutable evidence to confront the problem. 
Our discretion is paramount in cheating partner and infidelity investigations and you can rest assured that your partner will not know of our existence and that you will receive all the evidence you need. Our final reports will be accompanied by photographic or video evidence. This will prove that either your fears are justified and that your partner has been unfaithful, or possibly that you have no need to worry as your partner is innocent and you can continue your relationship as normal with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions in relation to our ‘Catch a Cheating Partner’ service.
If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact a member of our team. All calls and forms of communication are 100% confidential.

1. Why Use LY Detective Agency To Help Catch A Cheater?

We understand how challenging it can be to get the evidence required to prove when your partner has been cheating on you. Usually our gut feelings are correct, so trust in a professional agency to get the evidence you need to catch a cheater.

2. I Have Found Suspicious Text Messages On My Partner’s Phone, Can You Help Me Find Out What Is Going On?

We can work with a wide range of sources to get the evidence and answers you need. Text messages, emails or cell phone call logs are all useful sources when trying to find out is your partner is cheating. Sometimes it is the simpler details like changes to phone calls which make you suspect something is going on!

3. How Long Does It Take To Catch A Cheating Partner?

It depends on the individual circumstances for your case; some cases are much simpler to solve than others, so we recommend speaking to an agent today to discuss your own case.

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