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Asset Tracing Across Kenya and Eastern Africa

Prepare for litigation or fully comprehend implications of the financial status of individuals and organizations you are working with or competing against using our specialist asset tracing service.
Often combining with financial investigations and litigation support our asset tracing and searching services reach regionally to trace ownership, investments, acquisitions and partnerships throughout the commercial, public and private sectors.

Our experts can evaluate individual and organizational worth pre-litigation, or simply provide due diligence support on contractual agreements with expertly gathered intelligence and strategic consultation.

Our Experienced Asset Tracing Team We employ an asset tracing team with decades of experience in all aspects of the financial industry and all modern and traditional financial investigation methods and resources. 
Bespoke packaged and dedicated to providing you with the information you need, our asset tracing services help decision makers effectively manage risk and act confidently in every business opportunity and development.

Drawing on a global network of contacts, our corporate private investigations and asset tracing is unlimited.

Specialist asset tracing solutions Provided across Kenya and The Region, our comprehensive portfolio of asset tracing and consultation services includes;

  •  Identification of assets and investments
  •  Location of hidden assets
  •  Details of property, land and asset ownership
  •  Chain of ownership quantification
  •  Front company and tax asylum navigation
  •  Assess worth, value and resources